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My Story

My name is Casey.

Sole owner, Director and floral designer at 'The little Flower Girl'.  

Until recently, I have been based at Flower farm Shop in Godstone, where I was able to sell my bouquets to those shopping at the farm. My flowers became a huge hit with the locals, and I received a lot of wonderful compliments, encouraging me to expand my business and to deliver and advertise to a wider audience.

So here I am. Taking the advice of those who have supported my little dream and have helped it grow into a professional, sustainable business.

With a fresh new website and a spring in my step, I am proud to continue creating beautiful bouquets and floral arrangements to both the local community and to those requesting my services.

So how did it begin?...

Well, my love for flowers began many years before putting my flowers outside a local farm shop.My floristry journey began in 2005, when I was arranging my own wedding, and found the prices of florists was simply too high for my little budget. So I had a plan. I have always been creative, so began making arrangements for weddings, funerals and various occasion bouquets for family and friends. This was just a passionate hobby at the time, and remained so for around 10 years, while I taught myself techniques, took master classes, and learned the floral trade. 

In 2017 I moved to Godstone with three children in toe, to begin our new family life with my partner. Not long after, child number four was on its way!

It wasn't until I was pregnant with my fifth child in 2019, that I decided to take the leap of faith and begin a new chapter; enabling me to be around my children while creating floral designs at home.

Creating beauty and allowing yourself to dream up brilliantly crazy, wonderful, exciting new ideas is an incredible feeling. There is no end to the imagination, and my work allows me to explore this world. That's why I love what I do. I am a dreamer, and I like to dream BIG.

I have worked in various fields in the creative world from carpentry to teaching and performing Arts, and now I get to work with pretty, calming, wonderful flowers, and bring floral ideas to life.

Flowers are a passion of mine. They always have been. A bouquet can speak volumes, and allow people to feel a variety of emotions. Much like the Arts. From just a single rose, or an abundance of blooms... They each have an effect on our senses and allow us to feel something.

Its wonderful isn't it!

After many years of being told I should have my own flower shop, I have finally decided that now is the time for my 'pretties' to be front and centre.

And so here I am. A happy, excited, new florist on the doorsteps of Godstone, Surrey.

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