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My Story
My name is Casey Stone. Sole owner, Director and floral designer of this precious little flower business. 
The little Flower Girl was brought to life in Autumn 2020, selling seasonal country style bouquets at a farm shop in Surrey.
Now just 2 years on, with an abundance or regular customers, it has grown into a flourishing friendly business, bringing fresh, happy, seasonal blooms into your homes, and helping to create a wonderful moment for all occasions be it a wedding, A Birth, Flowers for the departed, Colleague, Birthday, or a simple hello for a friend. 
The relationship between my clients and myself is extremely important to me, so creating each and every order with complete love, passion, artistry and precision comes very naturally.
Being a 'self taught' florist has enabled me to design my flowers as I believe they should look. Having spent over 18 years researching and learning from the very best in the industry, attending workshops,  and gaining various technical qualifications in online courses, I am now extremely confident in my own ability, and have a comprehensive knowledge of the floral industry, 

So thank you from the bottom of my heart to those who have supported my little dream and have helped it grow into a professional, sustainable business I can be proud of.
With a fresh new website and a spring in my step, I am grateful to continue creating beautiful bouquets and floral arrangements to both the local community and to those requesting my services.
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