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It is one of the most important days of your life, so putting your faith in someone to deliver your dream wedding is not something that many couples find easy.
So why put your faith in me?
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Why Chose Me?
For many couples, much of the planning and bookings come down to preference, location, availability and perhaps budget.
Most wedding florists will only require the key details when planning your flowers. This is how I am a little different.

Though I have been creating Wedding Flowers for over a decade, I have yet to create two weddings even close to being similar. Each wedding is unique. Not simply because of choice of flower, or colour preference, but because the couple themselves are unique. They have their own history, their own stories, favourite music, special interests and memories. All of this information assist in bringing my creations to life, and gives a personal touch to their special day.

So whether you have a small or large budget, with my personal touch, you will feel completely happy that the flowers represent your personality and therefore, play a part in bringing the magic and beauty to your special day.

How much you want to be involved is completely your choice. 
Some couples don't know specifically what they are looking for, and so give me some small details and leave me to work my magic.
Others are very particular about their flower choices.

Just enjoy the process. Flowers are a touch of magic. There to be enjoyed, and enhance the overall appearance of both the Bridal Party and the venue.
It truly is so much fun if you just enjoy the process. The flowers are for you and you alone, to represent your love and joy for one another. 

The Little Flower Girl

Wedding Flower Request
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