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Bridal Party Flowers
Why Chose Me?
I have been creating floral wedding designs for over a decade and have yet to create two weddings even close to being similar.

The Look

I use a delicate balance of natural, wild blooms, My signature aesthetic is inspired by the English Country Garden, considering the colour palette, season, composition and texture. 

The goal

Every package is bespoke, with the goal of exceeding each couples expectations, providing them with a memorable experience.
Getting to know my clients is key to creating a unique floral piece that genuinely represents them. Each have their own history and stories; so each design is a true reflection of them.

Tips for the Couple

1: Try not to get too attached to a particular flower...
A flower out of season simply does not show the grace and natural beauty it so deserves.
A flower in its season is bursting with life.
With this in mind, try to familiarize yourself with the floral stars of your wedding season. Seasonal flowers make sense for both sustainability and cost. It is far better to focus on a colour palette and theme, allowing the florist to use the very best seasonal blooms.

2: Trust your florist with your vision.
It may be hard to let go, but allow your florist some freedom to run. Like any artist, a floral designer will work best when they have been given a little wiggle room to create your vision. Trust in their knowledge and expertise. 
Try to think of your florist as your Fairy God Mother of flowers...
We start by listening to your floral dreams and wishes... then we assist with your vision... after a little thinking and pondering,  we shall pull up our sleeves, wave our wands, and with a little magic and creativity, your vision becomes a reality.

3: Budget
Be as honest about your overall flower budget as you can.
Remember to consider everything that will be in your flower budget and the areas where blooms will be required.(venue rooms/ church/ car/ cake etc) 
If you have a smaller budget, try to be realistic with the amount of floral designs you would like. Can items be moved from church to venue? Can you create some yourselves? There are lots of things to consider but ask your florist who will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

Just enjoy it. Flowers are a touch of magic. They're to be enjoyed, and enhance the overall appearance of both the Bridal Party and the venue.
It truly is so much fun if you just enjoy the process. The flowers are for you and you alone, to represent your love and joy for one another. 

The Little Flower Girl

It is one of the most important days of your life, so putting your faith in someone to deliver your dream wedding is not something that many couples find easy.
Wedding Flower Request
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